Do not sign in Japanese

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Do not sign in Japanese

Post by diegokdes » Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:07 pm

Hi all

I have an application that signs in pdf, but in the parameters, if I put characters in Japanese, in the document it adds the signature but it does it with erroneous characters.

this is what it adds to the pdf signature:
/ Type / Sig / Filter / Adobe.PPKLite / SubFilter /ETSI.CAdES.detached/M (D: 20181123103935 + 01'00 ') / Reason (þÿ? rT \ r) / Location (þÿ? RT \ r) / ContactInfo ( þÿ? rT \ r) / Name (þÿ? rT \ r) >>

this is example code:

Code: Select all

Stream certificateStream = new MemoryStream(File.ReadAllBytes(certificate));
 using (GdPicturePDF oGdPicturePDF = new GdPicturePDF())

                var status = oGdPicturePDF.DigiSign(pdfSigned, certificateStream, 1234, 署名, 署名, 署名, 署名, true);

                if (status != GdPictureStatus.OK)
                    throw new Exception("Failed to sign document");
The version we use is 12 and I test it with 14 and it also happens.

Has anyone had a similar problem or knows what the reason may be?

Thank All

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Re: Do not sign in Japanese

Post by Matus » Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:23 pm


this issue has already been fixed in latest version of GdPicture.
Best Regards,

GdPicture Dev Team

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