Saving a PDF with modified fillable fields

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Saving a PDF with modified fillable fields

Post by BPrescott » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:48 pm

I am using the DocuVieware control on an ASP.NET web page, and I have got it loading and displaying a PDF with fillable fields that I can change right in the browser. I also have a separate button on the same page that is trying to read the latest state of the PDF out of the control and attach it to an email programmatically. However, every attempt I have made to get the PDF data from the DocuVieware control gives me the PDF file before the changes I made to the fillable fields. I have tried to use GetDocumentData, SaveAsPDF, and GetNativePDF, and have not figured out how to do this yet. Can anyone help please? Thanks.


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Re: Saving a PDF with modified fillable fields

Post by Gabriela » Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:23 am


You can find the demo sample related to the PDF form filling feature here: ... 0demo.html
The source code of the demo application can be found the in [Installation Folder]\Samples\ASP.NET\DocuVieware\aspnet-webform_app\ and [Installation Folder]\Samples\ASP.NET\DocuVieware\aspnet-mvc_aspx_app\ folders.
Also please see a dedicated tutorial for interaction tutorial between client and server side: ... tions.html
Be aware that the document exists and is processed server-side only.
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GdPicture Team

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