Set print properties to display

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Set print properties to display

Post by mgolland » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:19 am

Due to security reasons in our application, we may not always allow users to see documents without annotations or to export as pdf.

The current print properties offer both of these functions without any option that I can see to switch them off.

I can 'hide' these options with css or javascript in the browser, but I would like the ability to specify the print options that are available when rendering the Docuvieware controls, perhaps in a similar way to the SetAnnotPropertiesToDisplay method.

If there is no current way to do this, would it be possible to request this as a feature?

Many thanks,


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Re: Set print properties to display

Post by Cedric » Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:10 pm

Hi Mark,

I will submit this request to the development team and let you know as soon as a decision has been made.

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