Access to the cloud URL

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Access to the cloud URL

Post by lenfocus » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:08 am


I have downloaded the DocuVieware Lite package and installed on the machine for testing.
"Samples\ASP.NET\DocuVieware Lite\aspnet-webform_app"
I found the sample project runs and display the PDF correctly. However, there will be intermittent access of the URL

Since our target application will run in the intranet, internet access need proxy sign-on. Is it possible to disable such internet connection?
I looked through source code inside the sample project and could not find the hints to do so.


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Re: Access to the cloud URL

Post by Gabriela » Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:48 pm


Unfortunately, we don't have much choice here as this is a workaround for Internet Explorer. IE does not support custom cursors inline in CSS like any other browser which leaves us no other option. If you're not using Webforms (because in that case it is served internally), I assume you could host this file inside the network and update the CSS accordingly. And you can select 4 of them, openhand.cur, closedhand.cur, pencil.cur and rotate.cur, all hosted at the same place. But be careful though as the CSS file will be replaced after each DocuVieware version update so you will have to fix it. We do not recommend this, but it works and no other option is available here if you are using Internet Explorer as your internet browser.
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