Get some strange character from OCR ']Q2\000026'

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Get some strange character from OCR ']Q2\000026'

Post by Rnan » Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:49 am


I have read QR code by GDPicture 12 and get some strange character
at front of TEXT .

This is examble (file in attatch)

Barcode Type: 2D - qr
Barcode Confidence: 100
Barcode Version: 2
Barcode Value: ]Q2\000026SEP00SR-H00008246102-1_1

I have try with another application (app cell phone) the result is
Barcode Value: SEP00SR-H00008246102-1_1

I wonder why the GDPicture library get ']Q2\000026' from this QRCode?

Thank you for your support

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