Thumbnails are Blank

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Thumbnails are Blank

Post by ElkayEQ » Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:31 am

Every now and then in what appears to be a completely random occurrence (about 1 in every 20 views) my thumbnails are blank. The frames are there, the dark-gray background is there, you can click on them and they take you to the correct page but the actual thumbnail image is missing - exactly like setting PauseThumbsLoading = True except my code looks like this:

tn.PauseThumbsLoading = False
Dim myStatus As GdPictureStatus = tn.LoadFromGdViewer(gdView)

There is NEVER any error condition raised. myStatus ALWAYS = GdPictureStatus.Ok

Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior and is it possible there's another property (properties???) that are having a similar effect as PauseThumbsLoading that I should be setting?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


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Re: Thumbnails are Blank

Post by Fabio » Thu Aug 27, 2020 5:32 pm

Hello Curtis,

It will be hard to reproduce the case.
Here some solutions you can try:
- If your file have a lot of pages, use the property PreloadAllItems and set it at false, it will load only visible items.
--> ... Items.html

- You can also test if you thumbail image is well loaded bu using the OnAllItemsLoaded event, and use the method ReloadThumbnails if not.
--> ... ed_EV.html
--> ... nails.html

Tell me if it works!

Fabio de Rose
Solution Engineer

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