PrintSetDuplexMode -- to set to print 1-side

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PrintSetDuplexMode -- to set to print 1-side

Post by dathunghan » Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:51 pm

I've set my default printer to print 2 sides (I set it from Control panel -> Devices and Printers; then pickup the default printer and go to printer preferences). The default printer on my computer is a network printer.

Most of the reports in our app, we will just print in 2-side. But for a few reports we want to print it in 1 side.

Here is how I was trying to print it in 1-side:

GdViewer1.PrintSetFromToPage(1, GdViewer1.PageCount)



It didn't work. It keeps printing in 2-side. What am I missing here? Is there anyway I can overwrite the printer default setting with GDViewer control 8.5?


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