Printing a PDF file to "PDF Printer"

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Printing a PDF file to "PDF Printer"

Post by sridharr » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:29 pm


I have a question. I have to load a PDF document in viewer and print the document to a PDF printer. The output should be extractable, i.e. should be text not image.

In detail;
1. PDF document A.pdf exists in PC. The content of this file is in text format i.e. I can open the file in Acrobat DC, select a part of the content, copy and paste into notepad as text.
2. I load this file into GDViewer.
3. I have Microsoft Print to PDF and another third party PDF printer installed on the PC.
4. I print the document from GDViewer. Select Microsoft/3rd party PDF printer and provide file name B.pdf.
5. I would like to open B.pdf in Acrobat reader, select, copy and paste to notepad. But I could not do this as entire content of B.pdf is in image format.

Can this be done?

I will be using a Windows Forms application developed in C# VS 2019.

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