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TwainAcquireToGdPictureImage closes VRS

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:37 pm
by Sephir
Hi Team,

im facing an performance issue right now.

At startup, I am initializing my Scanner, in this case a Fujitsu fi 6670a with an AIPE-Card. On scanner.Open(), a VRS ( Kofax Virtual Rescan) Profile is loaded in the Taskbar which preprocess the Twainstream. Everything is fine till this point of time.

Now I scan a document and everything is working. The function TwainAcquireToGdPictureImage(mHandle) return a valid id and the process is working well. Except, the method is closing my VRS Profile in the taskbar.
At the moment, the workaround is to reopen the scanner after each scan. But loading the VRS Profile took around 5-10 seconds, so, after each Klick on Scan, i have to wait. Im also not able to debug this method to see whats happening here (Sure, its yours ;) )

Do you have a hint how i can prevent the method TwainAcuireToGdPictureImage closing an active VRS session (what exactly happens to the TwainStream ?)

My Setup: GdPicture v 11.2
.NET c# Environment
Windows x64
Twain 2.2
Kofax VRS 4.5.2

Scanner: Fujitsu fi 6670a with an AIPE-Card

Kind regards

Matthias R.

Re: TwainAcquireToGdPictureImage closes VRS

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:49 am
by Loïc
Hello Matthias,

Did you try to add a call to TwainSetAutoSourceClose(false) before starting the scanning process?

Here some info about the purpose of this method: ... Close.html



Re: TwainAcquireToGdPictureImage closes VRS

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:40 am
by Sephir
Hi Loïc,

thanks ! That worked (Bit anoying, I should have knew that). Thanks so far !

Re: TwainAcquireToGdPictureImage closes VRS

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:42 am
by Loïc
You are very welcome Matthias, thank you for the return!