callable programs

Questions about GdPicture.NET license agreement.
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callable programs

Post by lmku » Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:51 pm


the red-coloured part of the EULA says: "6.2. GdPicture.NET SDK may not be used to develop software toolkits, API, libraries, components, command line software, REST API or any kind of third party software, except as authorized in writing by a duly authorized officer of ORPALIS."

We offer our customers a comprehensive system written in a somewhat exotic programming language, running on Windows, where we would like to have some image-processing functionality like transforming TIFF to PDF. It would be convenient to let it do that by putting the input as file to some directory, and call a little executable written in something like C# or Delphi using GdPicture, that makes an output file which will be fetched by the rest of the software again.

Technically this little executable somewhere in the depth of our system's directory tree would be a "command line software", but not advertised to our customers, let alone used by them as something like a toolkit, library or API. Would the license allow for such a scenario?

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Re: callable programs

Post by Hugo » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:52 pm

Hi there,

I will be needing more information on the matter to make sure what you are doing complies with our EULA.
It would be best for this kind of problem if we could discuss it further and via ticket.
Would you be able to send us a ticket here please?

Send this to the sales department while being somewhat precise about how you intend to use this. Tickets are private so do not hesitate to fill us in on any private specifics we may need in order to answer your request.

Thank you!

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