GdTwain with LabView?

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GdTwain with LabView?

Post by pablo » Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:05 pm

Has anyone tried to integrate the ActiveX control into LabView? Can the aquired image be directly displayed inside a Labview window?

But first there is another problem:
I am able to set and open a source, but Image aquisition fails with TwainAcquireToGdPictureImage. The same happens when I execute the VBscript sample, so I guess it's not because of LabView. The TWAIN Interface opens, but then just after the:
TwainAcquireToGdPictureImage (which returns 0)
TwainGetLastConditionCode -> returns TWCC_SUCCESS,
TwainGetLastResultCode returns -> TWRC_XFERDONE.

I'm using a Moticam 2000 via USB and the latest TWAIN Drivers (June 29 2009). The OS is Windows XP Pro SP3 and it's LabView 8.6.1.

What could cause this? Is it because its a camera and not a scanner, or do I need give a window handle 'hwnd' to the aquisition method in my case?

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Re: GdTwain with LabView?

Post by Loïc » Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:43 pm

Hi Pablo,

For LabView, there is no known problem. We have already some customers using GdTwain with it.

For the TWAIN issue, please read this topic and provide us the needed informations. viewtopic.php?t=1486

With best regards,


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