GdPicture.NET.14.filters.64.dll file in use error

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GdPicture.NET.14.filters.64.dll file in use error

Post by nclark » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:34 am

We are using GDPicture for image processing in our .Net 4.6.2 site.
When we are trying to update our software(which includes GDPicture) we often run into a file in use issue.

This is what we see in the error logs:

Code: Select all

ERROR: Access to the path 'D:\Applications\IISRoot\WebApi\bin\GdPicture.NET.14.filters.64.dll' is denied.

We have tried to work around it by pragmatically unloading the AppPool just before we attempt update. But this is not helped.

It seems that only thing we can do is reset IIS. We don't want to have to manually reset IIS every time we need to update our software. Is there a resolution to this?

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Re: GdPicture.NET.14.filters.64.dll file in use error

Post by Gabriela » Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:37 pm


It is probably that you have an application running that uses this DLL. So you need to shut down all Windows applications and services that can use this library.
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GdPicture Team

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