correct resolution for the Tiff Multipage to Convert PDF

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correct resolution for the Tiff Multipage to Convert PDF

Post by gelvs220 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:41 pm

Good Afternoon EveryOne
I have a question ,resptec the convertion of TIFF TO PDF
after that my printer scanned the images, gdpicture converts this list of images (tiff, jpeg,etc) to PDF/A or PDF,but this process take a long time (2 min aprox). i want to know if exist a way to reduce this convert process time for work fast. also i want to know the correct resolution that must have an image to convert it.
recently, i converted a multipage tiff (50 pages) , this take 15 minutes. it is much time for who's uses it.(the printer)
If exist a method plz tell me, Thanks .Regards Angel Laos

i will be attentive to your comments and answers .

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Re: correct resolution for the Tiff Multipage to Convert PDF

Post by David » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:48 pm

Hi Angel,

May I ask you to share the images, the conversion settings and a description of your computer? As you can guess I need to be able to reproduce in order to help you improve the performances of your application.

Regarding the settings I would need to know if you are performing character recognition and I also need to know the language you are using.

The correct resolution for the conversion depends on you need and on the content of the document. In general in the industry, 300 dpi is a widely used resolution. Now if the document contains characters printed with a very small font you need to increase the resolution, if you document is an A0 you want to be able to easily download via a 3G connection you have to decrease the resolution.



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