Unexpected file properties after merging

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Unexpected file properties after merging

Post by DBr » Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:38 pm


I try to convert single page TIF and JPEG files to a multipage Tif file using the TiffMergeFiles method. Input files are 24bpp RGB and I use the compression TiffCompressionJPEG. There is no problem during converting or watching the files in several viewers.

The resulting file has some properties I don't understand. The file size is bigger than expected. The files are 1,25MB in total, the merged file has a size of 6MB. Additional I am a little bit confused about the information that is shown in the properties of the Windows context menu. I tried some compressions and the image resolution and dpi is always smaller than the original files. Most annoying for me is the compression type that is shown. Using different compressions causes different file sizes but the compression type in the properties window is often LZW or just empty, even if I used for example TiffCompressionCCITT4. Is it a known behaviour and is there a solution to this? Any clue to this may help me, thanks in advance

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Re: Unexpected file properties after merging

Post by Gabriela » Mon May 06, 2019 11:11 am


Are you still interested in this feature or are you still experience such issues with GdPicture14? The toolkit now contains many improved and optimized new features. If you can replicate your issues with the current release (https://www.gdpicture.com/download-gdpicture/), you can send us a code snippet, related documents and exact steps to reproduce, so we can assist you further.
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