Align scanned image to form

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Align scanned image to form

Post by ksuppan » Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:59 pm

We have anchors on all 4 corners on each of our forms.
Our current OCR/OMR software can recognize these and align the image (rotation and position transforming) accordingly.
Is this possible with GdPicture.NET? There is the FindAnchor method, of course, but
1. it doesn't align the image itself, but only returns the translation of the coordinates
2. it doesn't take into account an eventual rotation caused by the scanning process. (or does it? I can imagine the OMR recognition process be compromized a lot by this) I also can't find any method that can tell me the rotation error by finding an anchor.

We also have timing lines for the OMR boxes. Maybe those aren't needed in modern OMR SDKs, or is there a way to use them with GdPicture.NET to enhance the quality of the OMR recognition even more?

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