SaveAsTIFF issue with Windev23

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SaveAsTIFF issue with Windev23

Post by Jreyn30 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:15 pm

Dear all
We currently testing GdPicture on trial mode. We have a project with one of our customers, he want scan / identify and OCR Something like 250000 pages per months (same type of documents like invoices, expenses reports ...). Goal is to interface this module with their ERP created by a former IT company (mean no support since 5 months!)
This development must be in Windev23, our team is more expert with #C or .Net … anyway we have to develop this interface.
Currently we’re facing an issue with SaveAsTIFF. Impossible to troubleshoot what’s append.
Impossible to obtain “TiffCompression.TiffCompressionAUTO » enumeration (look like no method in Windev do to that) … We’re able to bypass this issue for LoadFromFile (replacing enumeration with value), this workaround doesn’t work for SaveAsTIFF.
I attached a piece of code (PDF file)
WinDev sample code
(105.85 KiB) Downloaded 17 times
… Any helps will be much than appreciated.
Many thanks ! ( we’re able to read / write French …)

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Re: SaveAsTIFF issue with Windev23

Post by Loïc » Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:12 pm


I am sorry for the delayed answer. have you been able to get this resolved? I remember that our team addressed such issue on our helpdesk but unfortunately I can not find the ticket in order to share the resolution here. My guess is the challenge (everything simple thing is a challenge in Windev) consists to use enumeration of COM component in Windev.
That said if the problem is still there we can offer to implement a new overload taking int as parameters...



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