C# / .Net: Tiff file page properties?

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C# / .Net: Tiff file page properties?

Post by BCT » Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:17 pm

Hi there,
i am new to GDPicture library, having trail license for developing in C# .Net.
Wanting to merge (multi/single-page) tiff files together, for getting a multi-page tiff file as output.
Knowing each tiff file has its own file properties --> thinking each tiff file page can have its own page properties/tags.

Like merging a scan of a document (text; 1 page) and a scan of a drawing (image; 1 page), to one file, having page 1 as text and page 2 as image.

Is it possible to detect/ get out of page 2 that it has jpeg compression by example?

I have a loop over all pages in the output document, then method TagCount i have a loop over the tags, reading them with TagGetName(imageid, tagno) and TagGetValueString(imageid, tagno), but getting everytime the same tags (name and value) over all the pages.
I am getting the compression on page 1 which is the same as on page 2, i dont see differences in the compression, as i would expect it to see.

Do the methods support page tags/properties, or only at document level (there is no page number to be supplied, and i use the SelectPage(imageid) insided my page loop)?

Looking forward for a reply.


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Re: C# / .Net: Tiff file page properties?

Post by Gabriela » Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:04 pm


May I ask you to provide your code snippet and the related documents, if possible, so we can have a try? If we can replicate the issue on our side, we can assist you further and see, if it is an issue in the toolkit.
Kind regards,

GdPicture Team

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