Get GdPicture.NET as a (set of) NuGet packages

Feature Requests for GdPicture.NET.
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Get GdPicture.NET as a (set of) NuGet packages

Post by stunney » Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:49 pm

Get rid of that MSI for an SDK :)

Here's an example to get you going:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<package xmlns="">
        <title>GdPicture.NET 12</title>
        <copyright>© 2016 GdPicture.NET</copyright>
        <file src="Redist\Framework 4.5\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" target="lib\net45\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 4.5\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" target="lib\net45\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" />
        <file src="Redist\Framework 4.6\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" target="lib\net46\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 4.6\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" target="lib\net46\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 4.0\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" target="lib\net40\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 4.0\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" target="lib\net40\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 3.5\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" target="lib\net35\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 3.5\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" target="lib\net35\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 3.0\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" target="lib\net30\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 3.0\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" target="lib\net30\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 2.0\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" target="lib\net20\GdPicture.NET.12.dll" />
		<file src="Redist\Framework 2.0\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" target="lib\net20\GdPicture.NET.12.xml" />

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Re: Get GdPicture.NET as a (set of) NuGet packages

Post by Loïc » Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:12 pm

Thank you for the info, but what about the non managed dlls that GdPicture is using ? :)

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Re: Get GdPicture.NET as a (set of) NuGet packages

Post by Trevor » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:51 pm

It's the year 2018 could we get a NuGet package for GdPicture.NET by now? It is a bit of a hassle for us as updates come out we have to grab the latest ones and change a bunch of things around. As for above non managed dlls it will still work, please see ... -libraries. This would benefit more than a few people and or companies that use GdPicture.NET


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