Enhancement request: Send to back/Bring to front

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Enhancement request: Send to back/Bring to front

Post by AgfaDev » Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:31 pm

I need to send a selected annotation to back or front.

Right now, I'm using

AnnotationManager.SetAnnotationPropertyValue( AnnotationIdx, "Zorder", Value )

This is not very clear and easy.

Couple of issues I have seen :

You can set the same zorder value to more objects at the same time.
Even in the annotation editor you can set the value manually and keep the same value.
So to have a correct zorder, all objects should have a specific unique value starting with 0 to # objects

What i need is methods to set zorder of one annotation which changes automatically the zorder on the other objects.
So if I have 2 objects (zorder 0 and zorder 1) and I set the first object to zorder 1, at the same time the second object should get zorder 0.

Another nice feature would be methods to


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