We need...Face Detection / Recognition!

Feature Requests for GdPicture.NET.
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We need...Face Detection / Recognition!

Post by thenewuser » Sat Aug 25, 2012 4:38 am

Hello Loic!

I'm surprised this feature has never been brought up, or implemented (or maybe it has been?). It'll be really nice to have; to be able to detect all faces in an image at the very least...and to have Face Recognition as well, to actually know who people are in pictures would be a bigger plus.

[edit]: This is what our company & clients requires and will buy this SDK right off the bat, if this feature becomes added.

examples of use:

imaging1.faces.count = 2
imaging1.faces(1).location = 1100/556

At least face detection for now, and we could possibly use the image-document-matching feature to save and compare faces? Not sure if that'd work, or is that for scanned document-style images only?

examples of people in image:

imaging1.faces(1).identify = steve
imaging1.faces(1).identify = tom


even the ability to blur out faces would be nice too!


imaging1.faces(1).blur = true

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Re: We need...Face Detection / Recognition!

Post by SamiKharma » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:28 am


Unfortunately this will not be available because it is not on the road map to change the operation center of the toolkit.

Best Regards,

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