GdPicture.NET Rated Best .NET PDF Viewer!

Let know to others if you liked or not GdPicture Imaging SDK Softwares.
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GdPicture.NET Rated Best .NET PDF Viewer!

Post by Elodie » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:52 pm


On his IT blog, Paul Usher, Senior Solutions Architect at Usher.Net Pty Ltd, compared several PDF viewers and shared the results with the community. ... -showdown/

His need was quite simple, he was looking for
A viewer that would allow PDF’s to be shown on screen

To do so, he tried the controls of the following companies:

- Gnostice
- Atalasoft
- DynamicPDF
- Aspose
- ActivePDF
- Deaja
- Snowbound Software
- Bluebeam Q
- PDFTron
- GDPicture
- SyncFusion
- O2 Solutions

I let you discover the results...

: GdPicture – complex product matrix, confusing mix of sdk and plugins, but FAST !
GdPicture nearly got thrown out because of the complicated product matrix, I already had a partner license so I persevered – and glad I did. It looks confusing with the large number of options available, I wasn’t sure which product I needed, or plug-ins, but GdPicture has a royalty-free license, a major plus. GdPicture installed quickly, and a test app could be produced easily. Performance was fantastic. Best of all, it did not get in the way of our interface, a simple container that allowed me to add the buttons and functionality required on the form. If it’s just PDF viewing you want then the $950 license is one of the most economical on the market, if you want what seems to be one of the most powerful image manipulation toolkits around then the ‘Ultimate’ combination is by far the best value for money.

Edit: to be clear, for the need I had, the PDF Viewer component from GdPicture was outstanding, but GdPicture offers much more, with some other 90 formats supported.
Thanks a lot Paul for your review! :D

And we're taking your remarks in consideration, we're currently working on a clearer Comparison Matrix :wink: (it was a close call for us on that one...)

Meanwhile anybody can directly contact us via the live chat and the helpdesk if there is any question about the Edition and/or Plugin needed!



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