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Sales questions

Post by MattyBoy » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:52 pm

We emailed esales (at) gdpicture (dot) com last Wednesday and haven't heard anything yet. So I am posting here.

We are thinking of purchasing 4 Ultimate .NET Licenses. We would really like to have a x64 version and see that you are planning to have one soon, but not sure what to do. If we buy now and the 64bit version comes out with a new major release v7, then we have to also buy an upgrade. Is the 64 bit version going to be in v6 and when is v7 scheduled to come out?

Do you have a method that you suggest for Red Eye Removal using your library?

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Re: Sales questions

Post by Loïc » Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:38 pm


You have probably our answer into your spam filter.

See copy:

A 64 bit release is our main priority.
GdPicture.NET 64 bit should come with GdPicture V7 within 2 - 6 months.
We have not yet decided how we will charge major upgrade. It will be probably between 25 & 40% of the toolkit price or free for Toolkits purchased within latest 6 months.

For Red Eyes correction I suggest you to have a look on the FxRedEyesCorrection method.

With best regards,

Loïc Carrère

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