OCRTesseractGetCharTop/left/bottom/right to physical pixels

Discussions about Tesseract OCR integration in GdPicture.
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OCRTesseractGetCharTop/left/bottom/right to physical pixels

Post by thomb » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:42 pm

We use Tesserect OCR to assist with screen reading. OCRTesserectGetCharTop/Left/Bottom/Right specify it returns 'in pixels'. However I use physical pixels for 'targeting' here to read.

The physical pixel conversion is important because I want to target an area of the screen, but not be perfectly specific. I will do a second pass taking the coordinates returned by OCRTesserectGetCharTop etc, to tune where to target the screen again.

I find that the size of the area being targeted is important for recognition accuracy.

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