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GdPicture.NET V 7.1 Releases

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:59 am
by Loïc
GdPicture.NET V 7.1 Releases are available !

Major improvements

- JBIG2 Encoder improvements.
- PDF loading speed improvement.
- PDF rasterizer memory usage dramatically reduced.
- WIA scanning support.
- Improvement of the TIFF parser.
- Very fast Median filter have been added.
- Function which determines if a page is negative.
- Speed improvement with 1BPP image processing.

New methods of the GdPictureImaging class

new method FxMedian()
new method FxMin()
new method FxMax()
new method IsNegative()
new method ConvertTo1BppFast()
new method WiaSelectSource()
new method WiaGetSourceCount()
new method WiaGetSourceName()
new method WiaGetSourceType()
new method WiaGetSourceID()
new method WiaOpenSource()
new method WiaCloseSource()
new method WiaAcquireToFile()
new method WiaAcquireToGdPictureImage()
new method WiaAcquireWizard()
new method WiaGetLastError()
new method WiaSelectFeeder()
new method WiaIsFeederLoaded()
new method WiaIsFeederSelected()
new method WiaShowSetupDialogSource()
new method WiaSetVerticalResolution()
new method WiaGetVerticalResolution()
new method WiaGetAvailableVerticalResolutionCount()
new method WiaGetAvailableVerticalResolutionNo()
new method WiaSetHorizontalResolution()
new method WiaGetHorizontalResolution()
new method WiaGetAvailableHorizontalResolutionCount()
new method WiaGetAvailableHorizontalResolutionNo()
new method WiaGetAvailableBrightnessCount()
new method WiaGetBrightness()
new method WiaSetBrightness()
new method WiaGetAvailableBrightnessNo()
new method WiaGetAvailableContrastCount()
new method WiaGetContrast()
new method WiaSetContrast()
new method WiaGetAvailableContrastNo()
new method WiaGetImageIntent()
new method WiaSetImageIntent()
new method WiaGetAvailableImageIntentCount()
new method WiaGetAvailableImageIntentNo()
new method WiaGetBitsPerPixel()
new method WiaSetImageLayout()
new method WiaGetImageLayout()

Re: GdPicture.NET V 7.1 Releases

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:41 pm
by rens012
Any idea on when the PDF functions will be available in the 64bit assembly?

Re: GdPicture.NET V 7.1 Releases

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:39 pm
by Loïc
In first mid-2011. We are waiting for 64-compiler from embarcadero...